Our Philosophy

Son-Shine Educational Center is a daycare that believes children are a blessing from the Lord. Thus, they are our highest priority. We know that we will someday give account of all that we have done for our children at Son-Shine, and it is a responsibility that we do not take lightly.

Children need love and guidance in a godly and safe environment to learn and grow as Jesus intended them to; as such, Son-Shine provides a safe and secure environment to not only learn academically but also to develop emotionally and spiritually. We teach our children how to pray and to trust Jesus in all they do.  The foundation that is rooted on His word is one that is solid and true, and we work alongside families to help instill this faith and nurture their children in all areas.

At Son-Shine we only employ the best in the industry to ensure that we are able to meet our goal of educating and loving the children in every aspect. Our teachers do not work here simply because they are in need of a job, but more so because they feel a calling to minister to the children.

Making Jesus the center of all we do makes us the best at what we do.