Meet Our Teachers

As with our children, Son-Shine takes great pride in its teachers.  Son-Shine’s early childhood teachers are as passionate about your child’s happiness, growth and education as you are.  For them, teaching and providing a warm, nurturing environment for your child is not a job but an opportunity for this wonderful team of women to share their love and enthusiasm for life with every child, as well as every parent.

  1. Miss Sally Smith: Administrator

    Miss Sally has been with Son-Shine since 2006.  She started as a substitute teacher, but her love for everyone from the children to the parents and teachers of Son-Shine has led her to her current position as Administrator of the Center.  She is a truly delightful and integral part of Son-shine; it is impossible to for her to hide her dedication and enthusiasm even just talking about the Center and its family!

  2. Miss Shannon: Director

    Miss Shannon has been with Son-shine since 2003. She started as the Pre K-1 teacher and is currently the Director of the Center, impressively balancing her work between the office and helping out in the classrooms when needed. Shannon has an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education.

  3. Miss Jodi

    Miss Jodi has been with Sonshine since 2009 and is currently the Assistant Director of the center. Jodi, also, prepares the children’s breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack every day. And helps out in the classrooms when needed.

  4. Miss Tina

    Miss Tina has been with Son-Shine since 2006.  She is the lead teacher in our Infant Room and a huge asset to Son-Shine.  She doesn’t just meet the needs of our babies — she truly loves them, and this is evident on a daily basis in the great job she does in caring and providing for the precious little ones.

  5. Miss Kathleen

    Miss Kathleen has been with Son-Shine since 2009. She is currently works with our infants.  She has become the Center Grandma for the little ones. Her gentle and kind mannerisms have won her the adoration of all the children — they often run to Miss Kathleen from their parents!

  6. Miss Kris

    Miss Kris has been with center since 2009. She is currently the School Age Teacher. Her sincere and playful heart make the afternoons and summers with the children FUN!  Kris loves to help the children with their homework before they go home so that the children can enjoy a free evening with their families.

  7. Miss Lynsie

    Miss Lynsie is the newest member of our team at Son-shine and is the lead teacher in our toddler room.  Her warm and loving personality shines through in her care, and we know you and your children will love her as much as we do.

  8. Miss Grace

    Miss Grace is one of our Apostolic Christian Academy graduates and has been with SonShine since 2013. She currently works in all the classrooms and helps out wherever needed. She is attending college full time and still makes time to work with the children here at SonShine.


  9. Miss Debbie

    Miss Debbie is an Occupational Therapist and has worked for SonShine periodically throughout the years.  She currently opens the Center daily and helps get our school aged children off to a great start. She does an amazing job helping the children finish their homework after school as well.

  10. Mr. Mark

    Mr. Mark is the newest member of Sonshine and is one of our Apostolic Christian Academy graduates. Mark currently works in all classrooms and helps out wherever is needed. He enjoys singing, playing, and reading to the children.

  11. Miss Bethany

    Miss Bethany has been with Sonshine since 2014 and is currently the lead teacher in our Pre-K 3 class. Bethany does a great job preparing the children for kindergarten with her creative and artistic ideas. She loves working with the children and watching them learn.

  12. Miss Cindy

    Miss Cindy has been with Sonshine since 2014 and currently opens the center daily. Miss Cindy helps out in all of the classrooms assisting where she is needed. She has a big heart and love for children.

  13. Miss LeAnn

    Miss LeAnn has been with Sonshine since 2014 and is currently the lead teacher in our Pre-K 1 class. LeAnn is very creative and enjoys doing science experiments with the class. She loves watching the children grow and learn.